Thursday, September 18, 2014

Go Team!

     September's Bark Box is here and just in time for football season!  This month's box came with everything you need to include your dog in your next tailgating event.  September's Bark Box comes with a Pawxford University Pennant by Safemade, so pups can show off their team spirit, along with some Pom Poms by Fabdog so your pup can cheer on their favorite sports team.  If your pup gets hungry during the excitement of the festivities, they can munch on some delicious Indigo Smokehouse Strips by Pet Safe,  paired with some Sweet Potato Steak Fries by Barkworthies.  If all that wasn't enough and your pup gets a little bored during halftime, give them an Etta Says Duck Chew to keep them occupied.  As you can see, this football themed Bark Box was a bit hit in our house.  Even Monster wanted in on the action. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Baby Maple

     In honor of #throwbackthursday I wanted to share these photos of Maple at 8 weeks old.  These were taken at the shelter just before we adopted her.  The bottom picture is Maple with her sister to the right.  I wish we knew who had adopted her sister so we could get them together to play. We couldn't imagine life without this little cuddle bug.  She is so wonderful, smart and sweet.  We couldn't have asked for a better dog.  We love you so much little Maple Syrup.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kin Ship Goods

     Our good friends Dan and Hillary over at Kin Ship Goods make the coziest apparel and home goods around.  Like us, they are animal lovers, and fittingly we met them at the dog park.  They have a sweet as pie beagle named Hazel who Maple just adores, a beautiful white cat named Percy who has one green and one blue eye, and a beautiful black cat named Buttercup (sometimes affectionately referred to as B-Cup).  You can catch the occasional pic of their adorable fur babies here.  Dan and Hillary are some of the hardest working and most inspiring people we know.  Maple and I are honored to call them our friends and so happy to have met them.
     Kin Ship Goods recently opened a brick and mortar shop in Charleston, WV.  You can read more about the store, as well as Dan and Hillary's story here.  Stop by their shop sometime and say hello!  You may even get to meet Hazel, who is often found lounging around the store.  Or if you don't live in the area but want to be the envy of your local dog park with an "Ask me about my dog" (or cat) tee, you can order your own and check out their other designs at

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Good News!

     I am happy and relieved to report that Monster received a clean bill of health!!  The biopsy results came back and he does not have vaccine associated sarcoma.  He is healthy and healing nicely!  I am so grateful to Valley West Veterinary Hospital and to Dr. Thomas Isaac Jr and Dr. Rebecca Metz for taking such good care of Monster and for taking the time to explain everything so thoroughly.  I am so happy with the treatment and care we have received at Valley West Veterinary Hospital.
     I also really loved the Calmer Collar Monster received and although he doesn't love to wear it, he is able to rest comfortably with it on.  Here he is relaxing comfortably and catching up on some much needed cat naps.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Maple & Camphor

     Maple's friend Camphor slept over this past weekend and they had so much fun together!  Here are some adorable pictures of two friends catching up.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Friend Monster

     Just over a week ago, I found a small lump on Monster's shoulder blade.  I began researching animal hospitals in the area and asking around for recommendations.  I had been considering switching to a different vet for quite some time and since I had a strong suspicion that Monster was going to need to have this lump surgically removed, I got to work to find him the best I could in the area.
     I also did what every pet parent should avoid.  I googled.  I googled "lump on cat's shoulder blade" and found something called VAS, otherwise known as Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.  It's an injection site cancer caused by vaccines and can occur in very young cats.  The prognosis for VAS is very poor.  Even with radical surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the tumor is almost always recurring and often fatal.
     As soon as our vet felt Monster's shoulder, he immediately mentioned the possibility of VAS, and although it made me really sad, I wasn't surprised.  I also wasn't surprised when he said he wanted to schedule Monster for surgery right away.  VAS is a rapid growing cancer and we are hoping that we are wrong about our suspicions.  Monster's lump is being sent to a lab for a biopsy and we are waiting for the results.  Monster is recovering well and we are hoping for positive news.  

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


     If you're like me, you wish you could take your dog everywhere.  I hate leaving Maple behind but it seems like more and more places are dog friendly these days. Last weekend we took Maple to a dog friendly restaurant called Diogi's!  It was awesome.  They even brought Maple a dog taco and some fresh water to wash it down with!  The menu at Diogi's is great and the fact that Maple got to enjoy the patio and the beautiful day with us made it even better.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Bark in the Park

     Last week, we took Maple to a baseball game!  A few times a year there are Bark in the Park days at our local baseball field.  You can catch a baseball game, hang out with your dog, score some new toys and meet other dogs who also like baseball.  There are lots of water stations set up throughout the park to keep your pup properly hydrated.  Local animal and veterinary organizations have tables set up with pamphlets, information booklets, food samples, treats and toys!  The local animal shelter was there as well with a few adorable dogs who are available for adoption.  
     Unfortunately, due to the condition of the field and rain earlier in the day, the game was cancelled, but we stayed and socialized with all the other dogs and Maple had a great time!  Afterwards, we met up with some of Maple's friends at the dog park, and all in all, I would say that our first Bark in the Park experience was a success!  To tell you the truth...we weren't really there for the baseball anyway.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Lobster Fest

     The August Bark Box is here!  Maple was super enthusiastic about this month's Bark Box.  She knocked me over trying to get to Grandma Bowser's Country Oven Bisquits.  I think these may be her favorite treats yet.  Grandma Bowser's dog biscuits are all natural and made with 100% human grade ingredients.  You can read about Grandma Bowser's story here and check out the ingredients here.  You need to buy these treats for your dog!
     This month's Bark Box also came with Bocce's Bakery Lobster Roll treats.  These were a big hit as well, and Maple can't wait to try some of the other flavors at Bocce's Bakery.  Bocce's also makes all natural dog treats with human grade ingredients, and they are wheat free!
     The toys in this month's box were also a big hit.  Maple has been playing non-stop with her new Romp-N-Roll Jolly Ball by Jolly Pets.  It is incredibly durable and has been Maple's go-to toy for the past few days.  Jolly Pets is a great company and they make a ton of different products to choose from.
     Last, but definitely not least, is the adorable Louie the Lobster.  Louie the Lobster is a floating toy, perfect for the pool or bathtub.  Petrageous' Louie is made of neoprene. He squeaks, he floats, and he will definitely be along for the ride on our next doggy swim day.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Doggy Swim

     A few community pools in the area have designated doggy swim days and I have been waiting all summer to bring Maple.  She was a little nervous at first, but eventually she started having fun and enjoyed swimming with the other dogs.  Some of her friends from the dog park were there too!  We can't wait for next year.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Caturday! Love, Monster.

     This poor baby spent the morning at the vet getting yet another allergy shot and a dose of Revolution.  I hate to see him so miserable and itchy.  We have switched his food, back to grain free Wellness which he was on before the allergies started, so hopefully we start to see some progress soon.  He sure is cute though!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ike & Stella

     When we first adopted Maple, I started shopping around on Etsy for dog collars.  I stumbled upon a store called Ike and Stella and found the cutest dog collars I have ever seen.  Maple has been sporting Ike and Stella collars ever since.  They are beautiful, handmade and one of a kind.  The best part about  the collars is the removable sleeve.  You can take it off for cleaning, or before a trip to the dog park. 
     Maple always receives a ton of compliments on her Ike and Stella collars and we highly recommend them.  You can read about the story of Ike and Stella here.  If you are looking for a unique collar for your dog or a gift for that special dog lover in your life, check out  
Don't forget about your feline friends either!  They also make cat collars!

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