Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kin Ship Goods

     Our good friends Dan and Hillary over at Kin Ship Goods make the coziest apparel and home goods around.  Like us, they are animal lovers, and fittingly we met them at the dog park.  They have a sweet as pie beagle named Hazel who Maple just adores, a beautiful white cat named Percy who has one green and one blue eye, and a beautiful black cat named Buttercup (sometimes affectionately referred to as B-Cup).  You can catch the occasional pic of their adorable fur babies here.  Dan and Hillary are some of the hardest working and most inspiring people we know.  Maple and I are honored to call them our friends and so happy to have met them.
     Kin Ship Goods recently opened a brick and mortar shop in Charleston, WV.  You can read more about the store, as well as Dan and Hillary's story here.  Stop by their shop sometime and say hello!  You may even get to meet Hazel, who is often found lounging around the store.  Or if you don't live in the area but want to be the envy of your local dog park with an "Ask me about my dog" (or cat) tee, you can order your own and check out their other designs at

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