Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Friend Monster

     Just over a week ago, I found a small lump on Monster's shoulder blade.  I began researching animal hospitals in the area and asking around for recommendations.  I had been considering switching to a different vet for quite some time and since I had a strong suspicion that Monster was going to need to have this lump surgically removed, I got to work to find him the best I could in the area.
     I also did what every pet parent should avoid.  I googled.  I googled "lump on cat's shoulder blade" and found something called VAS, otherwise known as Vaccine Associated Sarcoma.  It's an injection site cancer caused by vaccines and can occur in very young cats.  The prognosis for VAS is very poor.  Even with radical surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, the tumor is almost always recurring and often fatal.
     As soon as our vet felt Monster's shoulder, he immediately mentioned the possibility of VAS, and although it made me really sad, I wasn't surprised.  I also wasn't surprised when he said he wanted to schedule Monster for surgery right away.  VAS is a rapid growing cancer and we are hoping that we are wrong about our suspicions.  Monster's lump is being sent to a lab for a biopsy and we are waiting for the results.  Monster is recovering well and we are hoping for positive news.  


  1. Pinkus and I are sending good vibes to Monster! <3 He looks so cute in his little cone.


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