Friday, July 11, 2014


     Our poor baby Monster has allergies.  We have yet to determine what he is allergic to, but he develops mysterious wounds all over his body, loses his fur and leaves a blood trail on our pillows and blankets or anywhere else he chooses to curl up and take a nap.  We now know that these wounds are self inflicted because he is so itchy.  :(
     It has been heartbreaking to see how uncomfortable he is and hope we get it figured out soon!  He is on a flea treatment (Revolution) and has received some allery shots (ouch), but no success.  The shots offer him temporary relief, but not a solution.  I suspect it may be his food so I am going to slowly introduce his old food back into his diet.  He used to eat Wellness but our vet switched his sister Minga to a prescription food (that's another story) which we have been feeding both of them.  
     Has anyone else had experience with allergies?  Our dog Maple has them as well but not as severe.  I hope they aren't allergic to each other!  Yikes!

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